"Comprehensive Health Sevices for the Veterans and their dependents"
The VETERANS MEMORIAL MEDICAL CENTER was constructed as a gift of the American people to the Philippines as token of gratitude to the Filipino soldiers who stood by them during World War II. The 80th Congress of the United States of America passed Public Law 865 in July 8, 1948 which provided $9.4 million for the construction of a hospital facility with the land to be donated by the Filipino people. The law was implemented in the country by an agreement between the U.S. and the Philippines signed by then Pres. Elpidio Quirino and the U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Myron Cowen. Hospitalization is extended to veterans of World War II and their dependents under the RP program. With the passing of RA# 6948, AFP retirees and their dependents are extended benefits of the Public Law.
  • Patient Care
    To provide the best possible medical care and treatment to eligible veterans and their dependents.
  • Education and Training
    To provide an integrated, comprehensive and progressive educational training program in the medical and allied fields not only for its staff and personnel but also to fellows, residents, interns and undergraduate students.
  • Research
    To develop and muster the research capabilities and potential of the Medical Center by initiating, encouraging and promoting basic and clinical research.
  • Civic Action and Outreach Program
    To provide basic medical services to nearby communities and to support the civic action program of the National Government.
VMMC has envisioned to render premium medical services to the veterans and their dependents through a comprehensive health care system characterized by excellence, dedication and commitment.
  • As a tertiary hospital, VMMC aims to become the best Veteran Hospital in the Far East providing the best quality medical care and treatment to its clientele, WWII Veterans, AFP Retirees and their dependents.
  • Elevation of VMMC to a bureau level under the Department of National Defense.
  • Acquisition of more modern equipment and latest technology in patient care services.
  • Use of Golf Course income to augment funds for the purchase of much needed medical supplies and materials.
  • Allocation of Capital Outlay for the repair and rehabilitation of the 1955 vintage VMMC physical plants and facilities.