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Ms. Odette Grayblas of EMBS shows her vocal prowess in singing the National Anthem. 


The Financial Group with the VMMC Resident Auditor during the singing of National Anthem


Dir. Legaspi leads the singing of the VMMC Hymn


Dr. Dominador Chiong Jr. together with Dra Martha Nucum, Ms. Dolores Geronimo, Mr. Manolo De Leon, COA Resident Auditor Cynthia Ferrer and Ms. Estelita Estabillo during the singing of National Anthem.


Ms. Reina Feliciano sings an inspirational prayer.


The Nursing Group flaunts their dancing moves when not in their own respective wards.


Dr. Johan Mejia of the Department of Radiology and Radiotherapy and co-host during the event.


Panoramic shot of the whole stage while Dr. Legaspi delivers her opening remarks


The Nursing Group entertains the crowd with another dance number donning colorful costumes.


USEC Eduardo Batac, reads the speech of the DND Secretary Voltaire Gaz


The “Trio” leads the singing of the VMMC Hymn


Reina Feliciano, Dr. Jeanette Vidal and Dr. Legaspi captivate the audience with their impressive rendition of the song “ I Believe I can Fly”


Dra. Legaspi sings effortlessly and smoothly in her alto voice


VMMC Director Nona F. Legaspi poses with PVAO Administrator Ernesto G. Carolina for a photoshoot.


Chief, Medical Professional Staff Dr. Dominador M. Chiong Jr. warmly shakes the hand of PVAO Adm. Carolina. Also in the picture is the guest of honor and speaker, DND Undersecretary for Civil, Veterans and Reserve Affairs Eduardo G. Batac.


VMMC Dir. Legaspi , PVAO Adm. Carolina, USEC Batac at the cocktail table.


USEC Batac, PVAO Adm. Carolina and Dir. Legaspi share some thoughts on the event.


Dir. Legaspi beams with an acquaintance.


Dra. Legaspi with Engr. Ariel Cruz of USDVA


The Director shares a photo op with the 6oth Anniversary Launching Committee


Dra. Legaspi poses with the usherettes after the ceremony.