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1-A,2013. Medical or Scientific Member Notification and Appointment

1-B,2013. Non-Medical or Lay Member Notification and Appointment

1-C,2012. Curriculum Vitae

1-D,2012. Confidentiality Agreement and Conflict of Interest Disclosure

1-E,2012. Training Record

1-F,2012. Service Agreement for Independent Consultants

2-A,2012. Review Checklist

2-B,2012. Registration and Application Form

2-C,2012. Study Protocol Assessment Form

2-D,2012. Informed Consent Assessment Form

2-E,2012. Meeting Agenda

2-F,2012. Review of Resubmitted Study Protocol Form

2-G,2012. Confidentiality Agreement for Guests or Observers

2-H,2012. Transmittal Letter

3-A,2012. Study Protocol Amendment Submission Form

3-B,2012. Progress Report form

3-C,2012.Continuing Review Application form

3-D,2012. Final Report form

3-E,2012. Study Protocol Deviation or Non-Compliance Report

3-F,2012. Early Study Termination Application Form

3-G,2012. Site Visit Report Form

3-H,2012. Serious Adverse Event(s) Report

3-I,2012. Notice of Site Visit

3-J,2012. Study Participant Queries or Complaints

3-K,2014. Additional Study Materials for Approval Form

4-A,2012. Format of the Minutes of the Meeting

4-B,2012. Approval Letter to the Study Protocol

4-C,2012. Action Letter to Study Protocol Submissions_Resubmissions_Amendments

4-D,2012. Letter for Clarificatory Interview

4-E,2012. Approval Letter for Study Protocol Amendment Request

4-F,2012. Notification Letter (Request Information) to Continuing Review Application_Final Report_Deviation_Site Visit

4-G,2012. Archiving Notification

4-H,2012. Notification Letter for Site Visit

4-I,2012. Borrowers Log

4-J,2012. Confidentiality Agreement for Non-Members Requesting for Copies of VMMC-IRB Documents

4-K,2012. Log of Request for Copies of Documents

4-L,2012. Certification of Board Action

4-M,2012. Notification Letter (Uphold Approval) for Continuing Review Application, Deviation_Non-compliance_Violation Report_SAE or SUSAR Report_Site Visit Report

4-N,2012. Submission Log

4-O,2012. Reminder Letter  for Progress_Final Report

5-A,2012. SOP Template

5-B,2012. SOP Cover Page

5-C,2012. Request for Revision of an SOP

5-D,2012. Document History